Dealing with Negative Feedback

Getting a bad review is a part of business.  No one likes it, but there are ways to deal with it, both tactically (like a professional, data-driven response) and also strategically.  Sometimes, out of a desire to “appease” a cranky customer, we can start to question our actions.  The process can be maddening.  


I remember some negative comments that we received about a couple of our water generators.  We worked through the issues.   Just like working through a tough WOD, sometimes we just need to steel our hearts and push through, with the belief that there will be firm ground on the other side.  


Here’s a note that I keep in mind when customers are getting cranky (From Alan Weiss) -> “If we allow people having a bad day, or the zealots who believe that if we’re not following their value path we’re astray, to influence our daily behavior, we are mere ping pong balls in a game played by others. Unless you request it, you have no obligation to tolerate (much less accommodate) one-off, nonsensical feedback. Even when you solicit the feedback, after listening carefully, you’re under no obligation to adopt it. This is neither hubris nor arrogance, it’s merely judgment. And too many times we allow our judgment to be undermined through the polite but self-undermining habit of trying to please those who insist we conform to their needs and beliefs. The best belief is in yourself.”


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