Small Moves

To accomplish something big, we need to make a series of small, focused moves. This applies to building a house; a business; a family; a healthy life etc. There is no magic pill out there. Children love a routine. Routines provide structure and security. Adults also thrive with structure, but most of us do not know what structure to put in place for ourselves, or how to hold ourselves accountable.

Remember that no one executes perfectly. Your progress toward your own plans, be they business, personal, or otherwise, will naturally ebb and flow. Put in place a measurement system so that you can track your progress to your goal, and be sure to give yourself enough time to let the new behavior take hold as a habit.

Some claim that twenty-one to thirty days are more than enough to establish a new habit. Numerous studies have challenged that claim and shown that on average, those studied needed sixty-six days (or longer) to establish a new habit. So what is right? In my opinion, there is no “right” answer, but there are better (and best) practices.

Set your goals big enough that you can commit a quarter to them (ninety days). Work hard, and smart. Track your progress, and give yourself enough time to see the true benefit of your work.

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