How did You Get Started in Consulting?

This is the introduction to a series of valuable and short videos on consulting done as an interview between Rocco Luongo, founder and coach at GoRocco.Pro and Jason Bell, a seasoned leader with a long career.  At the time of this interview, Jason was finishing up his Master’s degree in Organizational Development and exploring options for developing consulting as a next-stage career choice.

In this video Jason and I discuss how I got into consulting, from which industry I came to consulting from (engineering) and my definition of a coach vs. a consultant.  Full transcript below.



Transcript of Video:

Jason Bell:  Well thank you Rocco I appreciate your

time today.


Rocco Luongo: My pleasure


JB:  Awesome so we’ll pretend we haven’t

known each other for 20 years and like

it’s a more of a brand new interview,

okay, but very excited to hear your

insights today on the field of

consulting and to get started why don’t

you tell us a little bit about yourself,

your background, how you got into this?


RL: Okay well my name is Rocco I got into

consulting through an engineering

background and I just recently in the

last two  / two-and-a-half no, no, longer now

three years branded a separate entity

out of my company specifically for

business coaching allowing me to reach

down into other fields and it’s been

really fun.  I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve learned a

lot and I draw the distinction between

coaching and consulting like this: if you

hire me to coach because you want to

become a great marathon runner, I don’t

run laps for you. I help you with the

accountability.  I help you set up programs.

I give you new perspectives. I work with

your motivation.  We deal with the human

aspect of maybe blockers why you’re not

getting the things done that you already

know you should be doing, but I don’t run

laps for you.  Consulting is all of that

plus I contribute specific actionable

tactical skills as well and so that’s

the rough way I draw a line between

those things and that’s how I work in my



JB: That’s a great distinction.